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Cornish Harvest Philosophy

Keith grew up living and working on his family farm, so he knows how important it is to have the support of the local community.

At Cornish Harvest our philosophy is simple; “Use local suppliers only, be they farms or markets, and help create a long term, sustainable future for farmers and producers in Cornwall”.

Other benefits of sourcing local produce?

  • Seasonal produce is not only better for the environment (think less food miles, packaging and storage) but it also retains more nutrients and flavour than it’s well-travelled or forced counterparts.
  • Harvested from the field and delivered to you within 48 hours. You can’t get much fresher than that.
  • Food harvested locally may be allowed to ripen longer, being perfect for eating when it reaches you.
  • We are able to see and select the smaller farms using sustainable, more environmentally friendly growing methods rather than intensive, large scale production methods.
  • Vegetables tend to be hand graded so, whilst wonky veg is definitely ok with us (expect some giant turnips and carrots that aren’t always poker straight), you are less likely to receive anything you aren’t satisfied with – and we are always more than happy to replace in the rare case that you are not.

Fresh, Natural, Sustainable Living!

Cornish Harvest

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